Ari Noble is a nonbinary story editor, musician, and comic writer seeking literary representation.

Ari Noble (pronouns He/They) is the head writer of Mothorial, a fantasy webcomic he developed with co-creator and artist Isabel "IzzySqueakzy" Pereira, and co-writer/story editor for Tamberlane by Caytlin Vilbrandt. Growing up in North Carolina, his creative career had its roots in his choir performances throughout his childhood, along with a budding interest in poetry. In his teen years and early adulthood Ari developed more as a singer/songwriter, creating an online brand under the moniker Metajoker and performing at cons across the United States. Ari studied briefly at UNC Chapel Hill to learn programming before pursuing music and story editing full-time.As a writer, Ari spent a great deal of his childhood writing short stories and, like many young authors, the beginnings of epic fantasy "novels" that were inspired by his influences at the time (namely Star Wars and Lord of the Rings) that never quite went anywhere for one reason or another. When he discovered his love for scriptwriting, Ari started taking his writing more seriously, and began developing the early concepts for what would become Mothorial in 2017. Inspired by the fantasy of his youth, with a dash of Redwall and a hearty dose of Jeff Smith's Bone, Mothorial combines Ari's love for the emotional storytelling he already embraces in his songwriting with his fascination for complex characterization and worldbuilding.As a nonbinary, asexual creator with generalized anxiety, Ari strives to be an advocate for both the LGBTQ+ community and those suffering from anxiety disorders, both in and out of his work. He lives with his husband Andy and their three gremlin cats in North Carolina. When he's not editing scripts or composing new songs, he spends his time reading, collecting Stephen King novels, switching off between watching feel-good animated shows and dark dramas, and co-hosting his podcast "Yes, Androgyny", with his childhood friend, Charlie Monroe.Ari is currently seeking literary representation for young adult genre fiction, graphic novels and adult horror.